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Calendario lunar (Spanish Edition) [Holdnaptar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Un calendario lleno de inspiradoras ilustraciones.
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The rural year usually contained twelve months, but one leap month was added. This month Spanish : mes sordo ; "deaf month" represented a month of rest. The holy year completed the full cycle with 37 months. The Muisca were one of the four advanced civilizations of the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans [4] inhabiting the central highlands of the Colombian Andes Altiplano Cundiboyacense and as the other three Aztec , Mayas and Incas they had their own calendar, arranged by Bochica.

The Muisca used a decimal counting system and counted with their fingers. Their system went from 1 to 10 and for higher numerations they used the prefix quihicha or qhicha , which means "foot" in their Chibcha language Muysccubun. Eleven became thus "foot one", twelve "foot two", etc. As in the other pre-Columbian civilizations, the number 20 was special. It was the total number of all body extremities; fingers and toes. Numbers between 20 and 30 were counted gueta asaqui ata "twenty plus one"; 21 , gueta asaqui ubchihica "twenty plus ten"; Larger numbers were counted as multiples of twenty; gue-bosa "20 times 2"; 40 , gue-hisca "20 times 5"; To name the days and months the Muisca did not use numbers higher than 10, except gueta for their perfect number of Instead, they named the 11th month just like the 1st; ata.

Same for the other months and days until That rather confusing system made it difficult to distinguish the 21st month from the 1st or 11th, but their naming of the three different years solved this. The calculation of time in the Muisca calendar was a complex combination of different time spans, which describe periods that extends from weeks to years, centuries and even higher time spans. The day was defined by the daily solar cycle, whereas the month was defined, depending on the context, by both the synodical and the sidereal lunar cycles.

The Muisca called "day" sua the word for "Sun" and "night" za. About the configuration of the weeks in the Muisca calendar different chroniclers show various subdivisions. The Muisca, like the Incas in the Central Andes, very probably took notice of the difference between the synodic month 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes ; the time between two full Moons, and the sidereal month 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes ; the time it takes for the Moon to reach the same position with respect to the stars.

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The Muisca had the word zocam to denote the concept of year, which they always used in combination with a number: zocam ata , "year one", zocam bosa , "year two". Following the works of Duquesne, three types of years were used; Rural years, Common years and Priest's years. The years were composed of different sets of months:. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Store Home.

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